The left’s war against language, thought, and liberty

Ho-hum. Another day, another rational debate slaughtered by screeches of “racism.”

And more evidence that MSNBC’s Chris Matthew and his guests will always faithfully and thoroughly examine all sides of an issue before choosing which word best applies: “Racist,” “xenophobic,” “islamophobic,” or “homophobic.”

Take this weekend’s exchange between Matthews and Pulitzer Prize winning columnist, Cynthia Tucker (courtesy of Newsbusters):

With the opening segment of the syndicated program “The Chris Matthews Show” focusing on the strong position the GOP has going into the midterm elections, Tucker said, “We haven’t talked about the elephant in the room, and I don’t mean the Republicans: race. Changing demographics. Fear of a white minority.”

She disgustingly continued as host Chris Matthews agreed, “Obama’s election has suddenly made many white Americans aware of the loss of a white majority. That’s what this crazy summer has been all about”

Bruce Walker has a meaty piece in American Thinker that explains what is really going on here: Diligent, left-wing busy beavers are damming the flow of language in order to fill their own reservoir of power.

It’s nothing new; liberty is always under threat from those who want to run our lives. This time, as Walker points out, the battle is being fought through words; casting this generation of aggressors more in the image of Elmer Gantry than Julius Caesar. That requires a smooth-talker, because language must be taken hostage before liberty can follow

The enslavement of minds comes from the abolition of language and its reconstruction into small jail cells which prevent the subjects of Oceania from thinking, a process dependent upon words. That is why so many leftists flock to journalism, teaching, law, colleges, and politics — choice points in human cognition which, if controlled by Party members, let language itself be enslaved. When we let leftists (or, as I would call them, Sinisterists) limit and control the words we use to think, then no matter what victories for freedom we believe that we have won, our hands and feet are still fettered. 

It wouldn’t be the first time. History is rife with accounts of oppressed peoples pursuing the phony deliverance of leering, silver-tongued demons into earthly hells. But this isn’t 1917 Russia or 1789 France. A pampered populace must be agitated and manipulated into imaginary victim status before they will exchange their liberty for equally imaginary rescue. That requires a skillful embargo of language and selective rationing of information to the masses. Walker:

How utterly dependent are our enemies on the quackery of an ideological spectrum with all its sundry, silly words? When is the last time that someone like Howard Dean or Harry Reid could engage in political debate without falling into a groove which kept repeating “far right,” “extremist,” or some similar slanderous sloganeering devoid of any real meaning? When a Tea Party supporter suggests a return of power to state governments, do our enemies ever — really, ever? — respond respectfully and rationally? The first and the last argument comprises personal attacks, crude insults rooted in the phony ideological spectrum, and use of words intended to end thinking rather than produce serious discussion. 

Walker points out that the aggression is focused on several much-maligned arteries of our freedom, which can be easily identified by ever-present swarms of heckling leftists brandishing semantic tourniquets.

…They hate Judeo-Christian religious belief because they hate divinely ordained liberty. The confluence of these rages always leads to the same cesspool: Sinisterists hate America (its liberty and its faithful people), hate Israel (that island of liberty and hope created by people bound to stubborn notions of purpose), hate Christians (the principal liberators of mankind), and Jews (the unbreakable bearers of original moral values). 

Will they succeed? Maybe. While centuries of patriots have selflessly poured out their “life liberty and sacred honor” to secure freedom for generations, many of our contemporaries detest that legacy because it thwarts their ability to boss us around. But they know that they can’t wrest that precious inheritance away by force. It must be voluntarily placed into their hands.

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UPDATE: I corrected a duplicated block quote.

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