Ezra Klein trashes the Founders, but no worries. They wouldn’t have liked him either.


Ezra Klein thinks small conservative states should kowtow to big liberal states. Also, he doesn’t like the founding fathers. I think those two things tie together.

I’m not surprised. It’s been common knowledge that the Washington Post’s whiz kid has the principles of a doorknob ever since JournoList was outed – Klein’s very own under-cover Obama 2008 campaign franchise in newspapers, magazines, colleges, and think tanks everywhere.

Anyway Klein implied Friday that he would happily shackle Wyoming and Nebraska to the whims of New York and California if he could. He didn’t say why, but I suspect it’s because that would advance his left-wing agenda. If it was the other way around, I’m sure he’d be a Jefferson-quoting cheerleader for the status quo. See, no principles.  

Anyway, being as our constitutional form of government is blocking a complete slide into socialism, Klein expressed his discontent with the framers’ dual legislative bodies that represent the people in one house and the states in the other, by stating: “I think our veneration for the Founders is something that occasionally perplexes me.”

Still not surprised. JournoList you know. Principles.

Lefties don’t like to be thwarted, especially by men in wigs centuries before they were born. Our founders were savvy men whose diligent study of human nature helped them design the most bullet-proof system of fairness and freedom they could possibly muster.

They figured on Klein, even back then. He knows it, and that’s what bugs him.

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