Here we go again: Hillary for President 2012 television ads

This is intriguing and horrifying at the same time. Not that it wouldn’t be vastly entertaining to watch Obama’s re-election bid fizzle in the primaries. But I’d rather forego that pleasure than risk Hillary and The Creep taking up residence in the White House ever again.

Besides, it would be uncharitable not to let Obama preserve his one triumph: That he was the one to knock smug, entitled Hillary off her high horse and rescue America from a chief executive that curdles milk with a dirty look. Come to think of it, wasn’t that what got him the Nobel Peace Prize?

And then there’s Bill. Obama might be a self-satisfied, incompetent Marxist, but expectations tend to decrease when you’ve had a drooling perv in the Oval Office for eight years. You find yourself applauding the little things: As in, “So he just flushed a trillion down the toilet – at least he doesn’t expose himself to unsuspecting women and then enlist the First Lady to pre-emptively destroy their credibility and reputations.”

So, despite everything, Obama’s redeeming quality remains that he’s not Hillary, which reminds me of a hilarious Matt Labash piece from the Weekly Standard during the 2008 campaign. Like all superb humor, it was spot on — especially the final paragraphs:

I’ve always regarded Obama as a bit slight for the hype, a garnish in search of an entrée, a moment in search of momentousness. But attacking him for the slavish support his charisma inspires seems a bit unfair. It would be like faulting Hillary Clinton for her best qualities–like her rapier wit, slender ankles, and personal warmth.

Plus, I do support Obama on the issue. Not issues, mind you. I’m against almost everything he stands for; including hope and change (I’m for despair and preserving the status quo). But he’s for standing over the rotting carcass of Hillary’s political ambitions, and so am I! Some might call it venal small-mindedness. But Obama and I call it “post-partisanship.” For Hillary is the one we’ve been waiting for. To go away.

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