Code Pink street theater: The pain that terrorists endure when their victims defend themselves

You won’t want to miss this. Code Pink has debuted its “Peace Charade” theater, protesting the upcoming peace talks and Israel’s stubborn unwillingness to let Hamas kill them.


Doug Powers says:    

Either this is Code Pink trying to re-enact the peace negotiations in front of the White House, or it’s “role-play therapy” day at the Cuckoo’s Nest. In either case, an intervention with a fire hose and anti-psychotic drugs is in order. 

Typical leftists. When the truth interferes with your propaganda campaign, just contrive a scripted alternate reality. Take the idea out of the realm of street theater, and you have Crash the Tea Party.

Not that this doesn’t have all the charm of a Busby Berkeley musical, but there were a few gaps in the casting. Couldn’t they find any rocket-launching, Jew-killing terrorists to cower behind those pitiful Gazan shields, I mean women?  

Don’t get me wrong. I sympathize with the women of Gaza. Particularly when clueless American Marxist busybodies pillage symbols of their torment solely to aid and abet their tormentors.     

Honestly, those harpies would protest the bars around Hannibal Lecter if he only cannibalized Jews.     

More about Code Pink’s true level of concern for oppressed women here and here.

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