Overcoming dishonor

One day after hundreds of thousands gathered beneath the long shadows of Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King at the National Mall and resolved to restore America’s honor, Dr. Zero  points out that the restoration journey will only succeed if we rebuke those things that dishonor us.

I have excerpted his closing paragraphs below, but it is all a must-read. You can find it here.

We have listened too long to the poisonous whispers of those who say we’re too old and feeble to stand up and deal with our own problems. The doom they have written for us can be swept aside like so many cobwebs. Honorable people do not fear risk and challenge. We dishonor ourselves by believing we have no moral claim on the entirety of our labor, or responsibility for the maintenance of our needs. We dishonor ourselves by paying trillions to hear the same old fairy tale about limitless entitlements distributed by friendly giants wearing power ties. The American people have wasted enough time reading the elaborate limited warranty on the inside of the coffin lid our Left is preparing to nail shut.

We reclaim our honor by turning away from those who believe the great mass of us are beneath their contempt, and compassion is best expressed through domination. They have no power we didn’t give them, which means they have no power we cannot take away. Let us begin.

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