A picture lesson: U.S. elections have repercussions far beyond our own borders

I saw this at Gateway Pundit and had to share it. Iran, before and after foreign policy genius, Jimmy Carter, ditched the Shah and sent a sane, westernized nation hurtling backward a thousand years into the psychotic hands of the Ayatollah and his mad mullahs.

Womanhood in Iran during the 1970’s:

 Womanhood in Iran today:

Carter never met a totalitarian thug he didn’t coddle. (Unless they were interfering with bigger tyrants.) Remember how the Soviets exploited his incompetence by gobbling up Africa and South America?

Luckily, that didn’t last long. We came to our senses and replaced Carter with communism’s worst nightmare. Ronald Reagan was the anti-Carter, and he knew how to deal with Moscow’s aggression. But unfortunately, 35 years later, the final scenes have yet to be written in Iran.

Anyway, we have someone in the White House right now, reprising Carter’s role. We better start praying in earnest for another Reagan to clean up the mess.

To be fair, the Carter years weren’t all bad. Look what he did for the economy.

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