He’s at it again… “Silly” Constitution still doesn’t matter to Rep. Phil Hare.

Remember when Illinois politician, former union leader, and fake Vietnam vet Phil Hare (D-IL) said he didn’t “worry about” the constitutionality of the Healthcare bill? Of course that was shortly before he confused the Constitution with the Declaration of Independence and when corrected stated, “it doesn’t matter to me.” 

Since then, we have learned it was all a big misunderstanding. Hare was really saying that Obamacare is chock-full of iron-clad constitutional credentials. In fact, it is so constitutional it would have a place of honor at the National Archives right next to the Bill of Rights if it wasn’t so darn long.

And Hare should know, because he has personally read the 8100-page power grab manual 3 times. And that’s over 24,000 pages. Just think, if he had read it only twice instead, he could have read the Constitution 2000 times as well. Then maybe he would stop confusing it with the Declaration of Independence. 

Anyway, being as an ironclad constitutional mandate for Obamacare would be a boon to Obama, Pelosi, and lefties everywhere; you’d think Hare would share such an important discovery with the rest of the class. But, no. He’s keeping it to himself, at least for the time being.

You see, as we learned this past weekend, it’s all just “silly stuff” to him anyway.

Gateway Pundit called it “just one more example of the complete arrogance we see coming from our elitist radical representatives in Washington.”

Hare-brained Rep. Phil Hare (D-IL) told constituents this past weekend at an event in Springfield, Illinois that questions about the US Constitution were, “Silly stuff.”
Hare was also asked why the American socialists consider him a member in their ranks. He wouldn’t answer.

Watch it here:

By the way, Hare’s Republican challenger this November is Bobby Schilling.

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