Something’s really wrong when we get the bill for our own con job

The Federal Highway Administration creates signs extolling President Obama and his failed spending programs and then threatens to withhold stimulus cash from states that balk at putting them up. Considering that all these guys work for us, it boils down to this: I’m the target of propaganda that I are paying for. And if I try to decline, then I pay someone to blackmail me into submission.

Sounds a little schizo, doesn’t it? 

Apparently Republicans are getting fed up and have created a video exposing the scheme. Ed Morrissey: 

The Republican members of the House Oversight Committee follows up its detailed report alleging taxpayer-funded propaganda programs with a video demonstrating one of the most familiar efforts in the Obama administration. The ARRA road signs erected by states for Porkulus-funded projects carried Barack Obama’s name, prominently positioned to catch the eye of motorists. Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) and other GOP members of Oversight claim that the federal government pressed states to purchase and display these signs as a means to promote Obama as well as Porkulus: 


Of course we all remember this:  


Most roads that are constructed are paid for with taxpayer dollars, but the fact that the first new road named after Barack Obama is being funded by his beloved “stimulus” is only appropriate. 

If you’re in Orlando looking for this road, it’s just a mile west of the intersection of Hope and Change, and a half-mile east of the corner of Shovel and Ready. Why did local officials decide to name the stimulus road after the president? Because “A Blatant Attempt to Bankrupt America Boulevard” wouldn’t fit on the sign. 

President Obama has a long way to go before surpassing Robert Byrd on the “stuff named after me that somebody else paid for” list, but if enough taxpayer money keeps being dumped into “shovel ready” projects, he’ll catch up in no time. 

Why do I feel like I’m a helpless four-year-old again, and my big brother is making me slap myself and saying “Why are you hitting yourself?”

I remember last spring, one of the many times since the passage of the Healthcare Bill when costs that were hidden prior to the vote were were rolled out after it was too late. That time it made a particular impression on me, though, because some of the money was designated to help Capitol Hill Democrats get re-elected. I wrote: 

So, In addition to being billed for hundreds of thousands of unwanted government mommies to wipe our noses and tie our shoes, we are being forced to finance our own mind control. 

Okay, why don’t we all say it together: Can you imagine a Republican getting away with this in a million-zillion years? 

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