California fascists erect mini-Berlin Walls around swanky Hollywood functions – SEIU protests to begin momentarily

I have to admit Hot Air  had me going with this post titled: “California gets tough on illegal border crossings?” At least until I got to the second paragraph:

Looks like Arizona Fever may be sweeping California.  The state legislature will consider a proposal to make crossing borders a state crime punishable by six months in jail and a $1000 fine, a tough sentence for those just seeking access to the American dream.  State and local police agencies will have to enforce the law, which appears to fly in the face of announced boycotts of Arizona from California and several of its cities (including Los Angeles and West Hollywood) for doing essentially the same thing.

Except that the new law isn’t aimed at those who cross the federal border.  It’s aimed at those who cross the Hollywood elite’s barriers to crash parties:

Hmmm. Another shocking California fascist, wanting to arrest and detain people for crossing a “barrier” — which everyone knows really means “Berlin Wall,” at least according to the SEIU.

So, before the next Berlin Wall is erected around the Academy Awards or some other fru-fru Hollywood event, someone should call the Los Angeles chapter of the SEIU and arrange a protest or a boycott or something. 

Wait, never mind. On second thought, I suppose that could be a little awkward, considering that the security personnel guarding those barriers are probably SEIU members and would look silly protesting themselves.

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