State Department terrorist club to the Taliban: We don’t serve your kind here

What does it take to get designated a terrorist around here? Al-Qaeda and Hamas are in, why not the Taliban? It’s not like they don’t meet the State Department’s definition of a terrorist: They’re foreign, they engage in terrorist activities, they threaten the security of America, and they can breed medium-sized rodents in their facial hair. I’m not seeing a problem here, and neither does Daily Caller:

A new State Department report designating terrorist organizations notably excludes one group: the Taliban. The U.S. has been fighting a war in Afghanistan for almost a decade aimed at “defeating the Taliban,” Taliban members repeatedly have threatened and killed American citizens and lawmakers have increased pressure on State to add the Taliban to the list.

Earlier this summer, a group of congressional Democrats sent a letter to Secretary of State Hilary Clinton urging her to begin the process of categorizing the Taliban as a terrorist group. In June, Sens. Charles Schumer and Kristen Gillibrand of New York and Frank Lautenberg and Robert Menendez of New Jersey proposed legislation that would immediately add the Taliban to the terrorist list.

Yet the State Department’s report (due on April 30 but released last week), did not include the Taliban with groups such as al-Qaida, Hamas and the Real Irish Republican Army (RIRA). To qualify, an organization must meet only three criteria: It must be foreign, it must engage in terrorist activity and its activity must threaten the security of the U.S. or its citizens.

“It is hard to imagine this agency can see fit to issue a report that doesn’t include the Taliban groups,” Fred Gedrich, a foreign policy analyst and former State Department employee, told The Daily Caller. “They have killed more Americans and conducted more terror attacks on innocent civilians during the past 12 months than any other terror group.”

Gedrich and others troubled by the Taliban’s absence from the list note that the Taliban recruited and trained the failed Times Square bomber. Just days ago the Taliban claimed responsibility for the deaths of six American medical missionaries in Afghanistan.

Phineas at Sister Toldjah double-checked the Taliban’s credentials against the State Department’s guidelines, and he can’t figure out why their application hasn’t been approved either:

So, I have to ask: Just what is it that makes the Taliban not a terrorist organization, O Wise Ones of Foggy Bottom? I’d almost prefer to believe you just missed this while dashing off to the evening’s cocktail party, rather than that you were so cynical as to leave it off as part of  with our sworn enemies, so your bosses in the Administration could find a way out of a war they’ve never really supported. Nah, it couldn’t be that.

Of course, we need to remember that since this administration has pronounced the War on Terror over and discourages use of the word “terrorism” they are probably reluctant to identify a whole passel of terrorists. Maybe they think if they don’t add any more members to the club, it will eventually waste away by attrition. It reminds me of something my mother would say: “Just ignore them, and they will go away.” Which sounds well and good… except didn’t President Clinton already try that?

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