Pole dancing for five year olds? How much lower can we get?

In a recent piece, William Teach offered this rhetorical question about children as young as five being taught pole-dancing.

Am I the only one who sees the problem with this? Are we trying to turn future generations into strippers? Interestingly, one would think that feminists would have a problem with objectifying girls that young. Alas, no. They can say it’s all about “fitness and technique,” um, no.

In case you’re wondering, this is not coming out of some third world pedophile Mecca, like Thailand. It was a feature in the Calgary Herald about Tantra Fitness in British Columbia, “One of a small but growing number of pole-dancing studios quietly extending their services to underage girls.”

The Canadian company, which operates in Vancouver and Langley, has taught students age nine and up in regular classes, and has gone as young as five years old in private lessons. There’s even talk of introducing a mommy-and-me pole class.

No, Teach, you aren’t alone. I have a problem with this, too, despite reassurances from the school’s faculty that there is nothing remotely hinky about little Suzy replacing jump-rope and ballet to become a pint-sized slut-in-training.

“It’s just another form of exercise, and an awesome core workout . . . You should see (Kennedy’s) little abs — they’re rockin’,” says Randi Moscovitch-Benko, a fitness instructor. “I challenge anybody who has anything to say about it being a bad thing or a sexual thing or ‘how can you let your child do this?’ to get up on the pole and try to pull their legs over their head.”


Somehow that didn’t reassure me. Neither did Moscovitch-Benko’s point that little girls must have signed parental consent before they are taught more direct methods of sexually arousing strangers for profit.

Notably, the only Tantra classes on which there are firm age restrictions are Exotic Dance and Lap Dance, leaving open those with names such as Bellylicious, Sexy Flexy, Pussycat Dawls and Promiscuous Girls. But for anyone underage to participate, Morris says a waiver must be signed by the youth’s parents.

This is truly puke-worthy. It’s bad enough to have to slog daily through these in-your-face, hyper-sexualized, masturbatory times. But this is too far. Leave the kids out of it.

But it seems that kids are drawn in more and more these days:  Remember this?

One of Teach’s readers commented that this is likely the sort of thing that marked the last days of Sodom and Gomorrah. And I often wonder, observing the conditions of our time, what kind of moral corruption brought about Noah’s flood. You really gotta wonder, how far afield are we from the moral state of those lost souls?

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