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“For years the United States was the island of sanity in the ocean of pain, suffering and injustice in which most of the world was drowning…”

Ex-Soviet, Leon Weinstein, is circulating a cautionary letter “written by people who came from where Obama is taking America to.” Weinstein, who survived Marxism’s bloody death-grip over the 20th Century, is rallying other ex-communists to sound the alarm for America’s eroding freedom. Here are some excerpts from Weinstein’s poignant wake-up call for ignorant and apathetic America: Dear ex-compatriots who once lived under the socialist […]

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Waste, spending, and political cronyism haven’t killed Yucca Mountain yet

As if there wasn’t enough evidence that President Obama believes in the Bottomless Magic Money Bag, his attempt to trash the newly completed and necessary Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository should convince anyone. How else to explain such casual willingness to trade the work of four previous administrations and an investment of ten billion dollars […]

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Shock Report! Racist Rhode Island has enforced immigration laws since 2007 (updated)

Illegals actually reported to ICE! And maybe even deported!     What a shock to learn that Rhode Island state police were racist, tea-bagging, Glenn Beck zombies even before Beck had a show; when a tea party only involved Royal Doulton, lemon biscuits, and shirtless Colin Firth; and SB1070 was still just a twinkle in some Arizona Klansman’s eye.   […]

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