We are the Service Employees Union International, and we think you are as dumb as a doorknob


If you haven’t seen the new SEIU-produced video that compares a fence on our southern border with the Berlin Wall and incarcerating law-breakers to the Japanese-American internment, you can find it at the end of this piece.

Or, better yet, you could save electricity and just stand in front of a mirror and call yourself an idiot 100 times.

Because the people behind this breath-taking piece of garbage (Liberty Chick at Big Government described it as “one of the most irresponsible pieces of manufactured propaganda that I’ve seen in some time.”) clearly believe that the American people are their very own little globs of mindless clay; soft  and pliable in their sweaty, socialist hands.

How else can they expect any half-awake viewer of such hysterical propaganda not to ask why the SEIU isn’t protesting every jail in the U.S.? They detain people don’t they? And Roosevelt detained Japanese-Americans during WWII. It’s the same thing, right?

And if the border fence is as bad as the Berlin wall, then why isn’t the SEIU protesting the use of all fences, gates, and locks used to keep out unauthorized trespassers? In fact, why are so many Berlin Wall-like fenced-in areas across America actually guarded by members of the SEIU?

What in the world do they really expect to accomplish with this claptrap? Everyone knows that the Soviet puppets in East Germany had to lock their population up to keep them from fleeing their “workers’ paradise.” The Berlin Wall represents the abject failure of socialism. The fact that hordes of undocumented foreign nationals line our borders, desperate for a crack at the American Dream, illustrates the success of our capitalist system. Yet the SEIU actually uses the Berlin Wall as a tool to insult and malign America. Unbelievable.

Why would the socialists at the SEIU imagine in a million years that such comparisons would do anything except gain votes for conservatives? Which, by the way, they clearly don’t want, considering that they confiscate millions and millions from workers’ paychecks to help elect other socialists.

There is only one explanation for such a risky gambit: They believe Americans are easily led and incapable of analogous thought.

It really makes you wonder what kind of BS they will try to stuff down our throats next. That Ronald Reagan wasn’t really a cold warrior who dedicated his life to driving back tyranny? Truth was he just didn’t like fences?  That his famous imperative at the Brandenburg Gate, “Mr. Gorbechev, Tear down this wall!” was really just an offbeat outburst from a quirky old man? A common occurrence at ranches, nuclear power plants, landfills, and suburban neighborhoods? (“Mr. and Mrs. Gallespie! Tear down this gate in front of your RV!”)

No. Reagan didn’t hate fences. He hated oppression. He is revered because of his obsession with freedom and his unwavering confidence in the self-reliance and independent spirit of the American people — something the leadership of the SEIU is clearly betting against. Their propaganda techniques prove them to be the anti-Reagan, demonstrating their unwavering confidence in our ignorance and stupidity.

Here’s the video:

More at Red State. Also, Gateway Pundit comments on SEIU comparisons between the Arizona immigration law and Jim Crow.

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