Allen West: An American-American who bleeds red, white, and blue

Who says God doesn’t answer prayer?

A couple years ago, on Martin Luther King’s birthday, I wrote about how desperately someone like him is needed today:

… Martin Luther King, fought the Groupthink of his time. And unlike Lincoln he was able to conquer it peacefully – through patriotism, courage, and the firm unswerving faith that his fellow Americans to do better.

Then, like Lincoln, Martin Luther King’s legacy was squandered by his successors, who have conned many black people back into a different kind of bondage. The bondage of a lying Pied Piper who replaced their God with government and their fathers with a monthly check.

These Pied Pipers don’t see black Americans as Martin Luther King’s dignified devout people. They only see a Voting Bloc.

And the way to get all those votes is to keep the black Americans dependent on them.

America needs a new Martin Luther King. Someone of courage and faith who will tell politicians with promises on their lips and contempt in their hearts to stop marginalizing, picking open wounds, and dividing his people from the rest of America.

When a white teacher tells black children they should learn the culture of some corrupt, violent African country because it is their “heritage,” this leader will point out that while her ancestors were still wearing Lederhosen and dancing the polka in Europe, those kids’ forefathers were sweating and bleeding on the first foundational stones of this nation.

And then this leader will inform her that black Americans have more of a stake, more of an investment, more of a right to be called outright, unmodified, unhyphenated straight up, 100% Americans than anyone else alive..

And it is my dream that this leader will once again lead a dignified and devout people out of bondage by restoring their families, their fathers, and their love of God and country.

I remembered this piece as I watched video of Allen West who is running for congress in Florida against incumbent Democrat, Ron Klein.  It makes me want to move to Florida just so I can vote for him — instead of languishing back here in the People’s Republic of RINO-land.

We need this man in Washington.

More at Left Coast Rebel and Red state.

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