Tea-Party racist goes rogue, tells whites to “go back to Europe.”

Funny. I never knew a tea-bagger would call supporters of Arizona law SB1070 “Nazis” that are “too white to be Americans” and should “go back to Europe.” But, nevertheless, there’s the video below. And when you couple it with that right-wing whacko who wants cracker babies dead, I don’t know why Think Progress even bothered to doctor up a video of fake Tea-Party racists. The NAACP already had plenty of evidence to label that notorious mob America’s sole conduit of hate.

Gateway Pundit:

While this woman brazenly screams racist comments through a bull horn, she can do so because the Obama administration and most of the major news networks in America have her back.

While many in the media will conceal this incident, coverage of the NAACP’s false claim the Tea Party Movement is racist can be found on all networks.


This just gets crazier every day. If a Martian had just landed on earth, he’d probably assume that Arizona is seceding from Mexico or something… and the U.S. doesn’t want them. Because it’s not only that class act in the video protesting Arizona – the presidents of both the United States and Mexico are in the fray as well, treating the passage of SB1070 as if Fort Sumter had been bombarded all over again.

I know one thing for sure, it would never occur to a recent visitor to Planet Earth that President Obama had declared war on Arizona just because he feels it’s rude to ask law-breakers with no ID if they are citizens – a practice, incidentally, which is in harmony with federal law. No, the little green man could only speculate what wild behavior from Governor Jan Brewer could have earned such strident disapproval from the White House.

But not everyone is over-reacting. The fact is, those brown supremacists in the video are in the minority. Most people of all races and national origin are reasonable and fair-minded. The true conflict involves two factions here in the U.S. and the age-old struggle for power.

The first group believes in the rule of law and recognizes that our noncitizen population must be registered. The second group feels that advocating sloppy, selective immigration enforcement – with all its destabilizing, unhealthy effects – will earn them a harvest of Hispanic votes.

Although the second group wants to keep the immigration debate focused on racism and bigotry, it is really about security, safety, and preserving the traditions that keep America a sturdy refuge for those wanting a better life. In fact there are many Latino Americans in the first group, such as the Arizona Latino Republican Association, which is standing with Governor Brewer against President Obama’s lawsuit.

Rep. Steve Montenegro, R-Ariz., the youngest member of the state’s legislature, was the only Hispanic to vote in support of Arizona’s new law. As the son of immigrants who came to the U.S. legally, Montenegro became a citizen at age 18 and has repeatedly voiced his support of S.B. 1070.

“America is a not a race,” Montenegro told Fox News. “The United States of America is not the color of your skin, it is the way you think, the way you see life.”

On officially becoming a U.S. citizen, Montenegro said, “When you finally reach that day, you understand that being an American is a responsibility, not just an entitlement.”

Objective, systematic rule of law is our anchor, and if we lose that we will float rapidly into banana republic territory. This is not good for Arizona, it’s not good for America, it’s not good for legal immigrants, and it’s not good for illegal immigrants. But it sure provides a sugary-sweet façade for ingratiating political operatives juggling “Boycott Arizona” signs and Spanish voter registration forms.

Like the mother in the Bible who gave up her baby rather than have Solomon divide him in half, those who truly love America are identified by their sacrifice. They are of all races, and they will not trade stability and security for votes.

Pray that citizens will see that this November, and they will vote with the Wisdom of Solomon.

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