This is Pro Choice? New video shows Planned Parenthood manipulating women in crisis

Planned Parenthood says they’re all about “protecting abortion access.” They just don’t say that means “protecting” women in crisis from “access” to any fact that may cause her to decline their services.

Live Action, and its president Lila Rose, have released more proof that Planned Parenthood is nothing but a taxpayer-supported trap for millions of scared young women tricked into placing their faith in manipulative ideologues instead of their families.

Ed Morrissey:

Their Rosa Acuna Project focuses on the propaganda and misleading information provided to young pregnant women at their clinics, some of which might arguably violate informed-consent regulations, but which mainly serve to rebut charges from Planned Parenthood that they provide a beacon of truth in the abortion debate. 

Cassy Fiano – in a piece that also points out Planned Parenthood’s considerable profit motive –commented on the hypocrisy of those who brag about being pro-choice, even as they divert information and manipulate the choice into what they want it to be.

They self-righteously huff that women know enough to make their own choice, but if they’re lied to and uninformed, how can they really make a choice? If abortion advocates were truly pro-choice, then they’d be outraged over these lies and manipulative tactics. But they aren’t pro-choice, they’re pro-abortion, and abortion clinics like Planned Parenthood are selling the murders of unborn children at any cost.

Here is the video:

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