Whistle-blower’s former colleagues confirm bias at the Department of Justice

 Well, those who dismissed former Justice Department Attorney, J. Christian Adams, because he is white and conservative, may want to revisit his accusation of bias at the Department of Justice (DOJ).  Pajama’s Media has obtained sworn affidavits from two of Adams’ former colleagues, and they’re backing him up.

Adams said that DOJ lawyers were told to ignore subpoenas from the Civil Rights Commission which was investigating selective prosecutions and bias after the DOJ dismissed a case against a club-wielding member of the New Black Panther Party who had menaced voters on Election Day 2008. Adams said that he had been told that the DOJ would not prosecute black-on-white discrimination.

Sworn affidavits from Hans A. von Spakovsky and Karl Bowers, who worked with J. Christian Adams in the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division, offer broad confirmation of the whistleblower’s accusations of bias in enforcing voting rights.

Former FEC Commissioner Hans A. von Spakovsky (pictured at left): “I can confirm a number of facts stated by Mr. Adams in his testimony before the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights about the voter intimidation lawsuit filed against the New Black Panther Party and several individual defendants.”

Click here to read the full affidavit. von Spakovsky discusses his affidavit here.

Civil Rights Division Attorney Karl Bowers: “In my experience, there was a pervasive culture in the Civil Rights Division and within the Voting Section of apathy, and in some cases outright hostility, towards race-neutral enforcement of voting-rights laws among large segments of career attorneys.”

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