“For years the United States was the island of sanity in the ocean of pain, suffering and injustice in which most of the world was drowning…”

Ex-Soviet, Leon Weinstein, is circulating a cautionary letter “written by people who came from where Obama is taking America to.”

Czech freedom fighter 1968

Weinstein, who survived Marxism’s bloody death-grip over the 20th Century, is rallying other ex-communists to sound the alarm for America’s eroding freedom. Here are some excerpts from Weinstein’s poignant wake-up call for ignorant and apathetic America:

Dear ex-compatriots who once lived under the socialist regimes of the Soviet Union, Poland, East Germany, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Cuba, China, Albania, Vietnam, Cambodia, the Venezuela of Chavez, the Argentina of Peron, and others of similar life experience!

I was born in the Soviet Union and was lucky to part with socialism and lucky & privileged to become the US citizen. However during last year and a half I am becoming increasingly concerned about the direction American leaders are steering our country to. More and more the US resembles the world you & I were fortunate to leave behind. More and more it now resembles the path Russia took a century ago – and we all know the devastating results this “experiment” caused. This is the very same path Greece recently chosen in trying to achieve another “just society.”

For years the United States was the island of sanity in the ocean of pain, suffering and injustice in which most of the world was drowning. The countries that were able to stand against tyrannies and make life bearable for their citizens did so in large part because the US was backing them with its might. If America falls, world as we know it will end. Without a strong America we will soon see China establishing its hegemony over Asia; Russia will strengthen its muscles and take back Eastern Europe; Hugo Chavez and brothers Castro will run Latin America; and a wide swath of the globe stretching from North Africa through the Middle East to Indonesia and perhaps the Philippines will become radically Muslim – fanatically massacring “infidels.”

 Weinsteins letter poignantly demonstrates that Ronald Reagan’s beloved America, truly is a “shining city on a hill” to those who yearn to plot their own destiny.

The Soviet Union was throwing us into jails just for expressing our desire to leave, but we were demanding our freedom nevertheless. East Germany was killing us when we were climbing the walls they built to separate us, but even knowing that we might die we were choosing freedom and liberty over their social justice. Cuba was drowning us in the ocean but every night our boats were leaving their socialist paradise in the hope of reaching better life for ourselves and our families. We knew that we could end up in Vietnamese Gulags or at the Cambodian Killing Fields, but our desire to leave the nightmare of Socialism behind us was stronger even than our fear of death.

They took from us everything we had, everything that our parents and grandparents left us, but even stripped of every earthly possession, we were leaving their state-wide socialist prisons filled with joy and anticipation. Because you see, we had a Dream! We envisioned a world where we can work hard and prosper. We envisioned a world where no government, no strongman, no militia or gang could seize our possessions from us, imprison us for no reason, or kill our families on a whim. We envisioned a world where ingenuity, relentless pursuit of one’s goals, sleepless nights and hard work would earn us what we all desire – a happy and prosperous life in a secure world. America was our dream and our ideal!

Weinstein’s entire letter is a must-read. You can find it at Stop the ACLU.

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