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Roger Waters, useful idiot and founding member of Pink Floyd, has reworked the anthem of the civil rights movement, “We Shall Overcome,” into a video agitprop for Hamas.

The new version goes something like this: “We shall overcome… anything that keeps us from blowing Jews to pieces” and accompanies heart-tugging video of terrorist weapons shields and blown-up arms storage facilities – also known as Palestinian children and their homes.

Waters’ sympathy for Israel’s mass-murdering neighbors from hell puts him on the same team as Cuban dictator, Fidel Castro. Only because Waters doesn’t actually live in Cuba, though. Because then he would be rotting in prison or paddling like mad across the Caribbean.

Cuba doesn’t mess around with “virtual prisons” either, as Waters labeled Gaza on his website. And Castro wouldn’t have locked him away to protect innocents from being decapitated, dismembered, crushed, burned, and blown up for the audacity of existing.

Nor would Waters thrive in the fascist Shariah shackles that Hamas wants to impose all the way to the Jordan River after disposing of the infidels. Nevertheless, Waters still links arms with dictators and warbles about the day when a violent tyrannical theocracy “overcomes” a free society.

Speaking of Castro, he thinks Israel’s preventive measures against a second Holocaust are as bad as the first Holocaust. On Monday, Castro exploited the phony credibility of his inexplicable Human Rights Council appointment to engage in the latest Leftist fad: Taunt descendants of Auschwitz with Nazi symbols and imagery. This time, Castro, admirer of Stalin, moralized that the “swastika is today Israel’s banner.”

That came after Barack Obama and U.N. Chief Ban Ki-Moon teamed up with Waters, Castro, and the Free Qassams  for Gaza movement by calling Israel’s recent success in keeping rockets out of the hands of Hamas and out of Jewish nursery schools “unsustainable.” Then they went home and slept well in the safe, secure, rocket-free knowledge that helpful Iranian ships are on their way to Gaza to join the discussion.

Admittedly, it must have been a little tough on the Israelis to see the U.S. – their traditional friend and ally – join those who censure them for being attacked with 9000 Iranian rockets. Especially considering that Obama is more willing to see Hamas resume their psychotic Jew-killing national past-time than a man so anti-Semitic he will only speak to the Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, through a third party.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas glorifies suicide bombers, denies Israel’s right to exist, and shares Obama’s belief that Netanyahu has cooties. However, while Obama believes careful monitoring of all deliveries to Gaza is “unsustainable,” Abbas reportedly wants the blockade left intact.

Makes you wonder if Obama’s, Waters,’ or even Castro’s perspectives would be different if they had to live near Hamas too.

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