Our future is in the hands of guys like this? UPDATE: Misspelled name corrected.

(Update: Boy do I feel dumb. Not Bod… BOB!)

Maybe draining the swamp wasn’t such a good thing, Madame Speaker. Because whack-jobs like Democrat Congressman Bob Etheridge (D-NC) no longer have any slime to hide under. Last week,  Etheridge did this after leaving a Nancy Pelosi fundraiser:  

Has the pressure-cooker of working under Pelosi and President Obama — with all the requisite responsibilities of pushing the U.S. economy off a cliff — put him a bit over the edge as well? Or is he just a narcissistic jerk, puffed up with outrage because members of the unwashed proletariat had the effrontery to approach without proper deference?

There are  other possible excuses for Etheridge’s embarrassing tantrum. I suppose Nancy Pelosi could have served up a big cauldron of a******  brew at the shindig he had just left — Cynthia McKinney’s special recipe. Either that or he recently swapped brains with Mike Tyson or Naomi Cambpell, or your run-of-the-mill two-year old.

Just free-wheeling here of course, but at any rate, I feel like I went to sleep in my own bed last night and woke up in la-la land. I get that feeling all the time lately, and I don’t see it going away any time soon.

Mike Flynn, at Big Government, called this latest freakshow the beginning of a “long hot summer:”

Expect more of this. The hard, progressive left captured the Democrat majority in Congress and forced them to enact a fantasy grab-bag of legislation that is increasingly unpopular with the American public. We’re on the cusp of a deeper recession, millions of unemployed Americans have no prospect for work, taxes are about to spike higher and we’ve maxed out the national credit card. The Democrats were given a chance to run government and they’ve only succeeded in running it into the ground.

So, yeah, Democrats who are up for reelection this November are a bit testy.

Fortunately, Rep. Etheridge isn’t one of those gerry-mandered political welfare queens. According to the Cook Report, his district is an R+2 district.  He has a credible opponent. Check her out here.

Let’s recap what we saw on this video. A sitting Congressman–a presumed living extension of James Madison and other founding fathers–was asked on a public street whether he supported the President’s agenda. His response was to hit away a video camera and assault a student. The age of Pericles this ain’t.

Is this a trend? Sister Toldjah cited a similar incident: 

This comes on the heels of a citizen assault that happened last weeks outside of Congressman Mel Watt’s (D-NC-12) Greensboro office. The out of control liberal who did the punching – Govenor Vance Spencer – alleged that the man he assaulted, NC Tea Party’s Nathan Tabor, “pushed” him first. As a result of this allegation, Tabor was charged with simple assault as well. Stay tuned for more on both of these developing stories.   

Ed Morrissey at Hot Air offers a constructive remedy: 

His opponent is Renee Ellmers, who works in the health-care industry and is a staunch opponent of ObamaCare, opposes the bailouts and Obamanomics, is pro-life, wants to try terrorists in military courts, and demands immigration enforcement.  It doesn’t appear that Ellmers is a big fan of assaulting students on the street, either.  Perhaps this R+2 district might be ready to exchange their current Congressman for someone who understands the proper relationship between elected officials and their constituents — and the laws regarding assault and battery.

Redstate has the raw video.  More at All American Blogger and Michelle Malkin.

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