How long must Israel suffer sanctimonious, interfering fools?


(Hat tip to Newsbusters)  He’s at it again. Ethan Bronner, who can’t think of a single reason why President Obama would be unpopular in Israel besides racism, is now lamenting the Israeli’s refusal to stand quietly while their enemies kick the crap out of them. Last week on Charlie Rose, he said this:

 I think what’s been very interesting over the last sort of six or eight years is that Israel has taken the view that military activity works, and diplomacy has not actually worked all that well. And in the short term, you could argue that it has. It has stopped terrorism from the West Bank, it has stopped rockets from Gaza, stopped rockets from Hezbollah in Lebanon and so on. But the problem is that every time it acts with this disproportionate force in order to carry out a military and security goal, what it gets is increasing disillusionment in the world. And the question is, where does the advantage of one stop and the disadvantage of the other grow so that it overwhelms it. And I think that what may be happening is that we are at that tipping point, even from an Israeli perspective.

Hmm. Being that he is the Jerusalem Bureau Chief of the New York Times, I’m a little surprised Bronner isn’t a teensy bit more in command of the facts here. Israel has tried diplomacy. Over and over. They have offered Palestine everything short of the sun, moon, and a second Holocaust. However, because they won’t vacate the region they continue to be terrorized with every weapon their terrorist neighbors can get their hands on. That Israel must choose between survival and the “disillusionment in the world” is an indictment on Bronner and his ilk – not Israel. Hal Lindsey:

The Palestinians were given a perfect opportunity to prove that they could live side by side in peace with Israel when they were given possession of Gaza and the freedom to govern it. Hundreds of millions of dollars were contributed to them to build an economic infra-structure so that their people would have work.

But just look at the historic record of how they used the opportunity:

  • Their leaders used the money for themselves and to smuggle weapons and terrorist fighters into Gaza.
  • They sent suicide bombers in with their workers who had to work in Israel because they were incapable of building their own industries.
  • They bought and smuggled in rockets and missiles with which they continually bombarded the entire civilian Israeli population that are within range.
  • They overwhelmingly elected Hamas, a terrorist regime, to be their government.
  • All Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza refuse to recognize Israel has a right to exist and that it is a Jewish State.

Gaza gives proof of the kind of government the Palestinians in the West Bank will have. There is absolutely no evidence that giving them more land and sovereignty would change their behavior. On the contrary, that kind of demonstration of appeasement and weakness will only encourage the officially elected Hamas government to seek to finish the destruction of Israel.

If Bronner defends this, he must be prepared to defend any and all acts of self defense. For example, where is the hand-wringing and “disillusionment” regarding the 27 Japanese aircraft we shot down during the attack on Pearl Harbor? Or for those U.S. Navy snipers who popped three poor unsuspecting pirates last year? Or, heck, what about the 75-year-old granny at the 7-11 who beamed an armed robber in the head with a price scanner? Surely a prolific moral arbiter like Bronner must have registered his disapproval somewhere for such flagrant acts of “disproportionate” aggression. Nothing in the New York Times archives, though. Still looking.

To be fair, those aggressors probably don’t qualify for Bronner’s advocacy, because they didn’t hide their malevolent motives behind a sham veneer of altruism. So let this be a lesson to spree-killers, islamofascists, rapists, and psychotic whack-jobs everywhere. Remember to toss a few boxes of medical supplies and baby food in the car before your next adventure in mayhem. I know it sounds cheesy, but you’d be amazed how many idiots like Bronner will then condemn your victims instead of you.

Just ask this Good Samaritan who I’m sure found time between building soup kitchens and Haitian earthquake relief to join up with the Trojan Horse “Freedom Flotilla” earlier this month. The humanitarian charade worked so well, he was able to make brazen statements like this and still be defended by the likes of Bronner.

Our hatred for these people is so intense that we wished, at those moments, that we could have been bombs, and blow up among those brothers of apes and pigs. […]

If we want to profit from what happened, we must mobilize the Islamic peoples and the Arab nation, because the Palestinian cause is a purely Islamic religious issue. If Palestine is liberated, the whole world will change. We do not want a national Palestinian state or borders. We want Palestine in its entirety. 

Here is the video from Memriblog:


Whoops. Wrong picture. Here it is:

These terrorists are frustrated that the blockade has stemmed the flow of Jew-killing rockets into Gaza, and they think that if they can con enough useful idiots, who yammer like Bronner about the “disillusionment of the world,” Israel will be forced lower its guard. Human Events:

Netanyahu said Israel offered “to deliver the goods on board the flotilla to Gaza after a security inspection.” The Israeli commandos tried to persuade the ships to alter course but the terrorists “rejected” the offers and taunted the Israelis shouting “Go back to Auschwitz,” officials said. 
The Israelis knew the flotilla was looking for a fight which makes Jerusalem’s decision to board the Mavi Marmara, where nine activists died, hard to understand. Jerusalem will investigate to determine why other less deadly courses of action weren’t followed.
Israeli commandos rappelled from helicopters onto the ship’s deck and “Were met with a vicious mob. They were stabbed, clubbed, and fired upon. They were going to be killed and they had to act in self-defense,” Netanyahu said.
YouTube videos show the terrorists were battle ready. They are seen waiting on the ship’s deck outfitted with gas masks, bulletproof vests and portable communication devices. Israeli forensic experts found casings belonging to a weapon that was not used by the commandos and the Turkish captain reportedly told the Israelis the “mercenaries” threw their weapons overboard after the commandos took control of the vessel.

This video shows why the plight of Gazans inspires true compassion in “humanitarians” everywhere.

This is a joke. The Israeli commandos had to maintain the blockade – yet Bronner questions their right to defend themselves. I wonder what kind of “disproportionate force” Bronner would have advocated if he had actually been there instead of a safe, dry TV studio pronouncing sanctimonious judgments upon those who protect him and his family.

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