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Video of peaceful humanitarians fighting for Hamas’ right to terrorize Israel.

Wow. Did you see the news today? Israeli Nazi murderers opened fire on compassionate peace activists who only want to give peace a chance, by helping Hamas feed Gazan babies and kill Israeli babies. Hot Air:

The world will blame Israel for this, but the blockade exists to keep weapons out of the hands of Hamas, which continually attacks Israel despite the latter’s withdrawal from Gaza years ago. It’s a legitimate and necessary military response to Hamas’ terrorism, and the flotilla knowingly sailed itself into a military conflict — and carried arms into it as well. That makes them legitimate antagonists in the conflict and fair game for Israeli’s military.

The prevailing leftist view is that the Israel would do all this just for the amusement of watching Palestinians starve. They can’t or won’t consider other possible reasons why Israel would oppose such paragons of virtue. Liberty Pundits:

Concerning these “Free Gaza” clowns, their gesture of humanitarian aid was welcomed.  All they had to do was use approved channels – trucks, not ships.  We have documented episodes of ships with false hulls trying to smuggle arms in Gaza.  It’s not OK for Israel to protect itself, but it is if it is your country?  WTF?  Anyway, the ships are now at or near port in Ashdod.  The contents will be inspected and turned over the UN for transport to Gaza.  Just the way it should have been to begin with.

The mystery of how some of the Israeli commandos ended up shot with their own guns, stabbed, clubbed, and thrown 30 feet to a lower deck remains to be solved – although I suppose a fairly intrepid defense could be waged with just tulips, bongs, John Lennon albums or whatever else one might have on hand. Stop the ACLU:

That’s right, these are supposed to be peace activists, yet they had armed themselves with bats, metal bars, and slingshots with marbles as projectiles and later firearms that they had hidden on their craft. Why isn’t anyone in the Old Media asking why peace activists are arming themselves?

In fact, the first Israeli troops that boarded the flotilla were only using non-lethal weapons — paintball guns — but this did not stop the Muslims from assaulting the troops with the metal bars, bats and slingshots. The troops did have handguns, but it is reported that as they boarded they were yelling to each other “don’t shoot, don’t shoot.” It is clear that they intended to turn the boats around with as minimal force as possible.

Lucky for Israel, there are six or seven million reasons living in the U.S. why Obama can’t join with all his long-time Jew-hating buddies and express sympathy for the propaganda-spewing terrorist-enablers on that ship. So, at least until he becomes, God forbid, a lame-duck second termer who doesn’t need the Jewish vote anymore, the U.S. will continue to side with Israel. Sister Toldjah:

President Obama’s impending official response to what happened between the “peace activists” and Israeli military will be key in determining whether or not he honestly intends on mending fences with our core ally in the Middle East, or appease Israel-bashers like the United Nations and Rev. Wright, endearing himself to Islamofascists all over the world who are hell bent on the destruction of the western way of life. Stay tuned.

It may have helped Israel’s standing if they had followed this plan:  Riehl World View:

As an ally, I wish Israel would become more sensitive to America’s domestic politics. They could have gone a long way to improve relations, particularly with Obama, with the flotilla confrontation. They should have driven the flotilla into the Gulf of Mexico, then sunk the terrorist enabling bastard’s ships over the BP oil well. I mean, come on, that’s killing two birds with one freaking stone! And I thought they were smart!

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