Joe Sestak to America: Punk’d you!


Silly me. Swallowing all those coy innuendoes about the White House dangling a cushy job if Congressman Joe Sestak would stop trying to hasten Tyrannosaurus Specter’s inevitable slide into the peat bog of failed opportunists. Really. It’s so ridiculous.

To be fair, though, it kind of captured everyone’s imagination, didn’t it? Maybe Deep Throat II had emerged and was slinking around Washington alleys and deserted parking garages, leaving clandestine messages and arranging secret trysts –  and chuckling to himself, of course, as he manipulated the power players on Capitol Hill about like pawns in his own little chess game.

Then it turned out to be just Bill Clinton.

Wow. Never saw that one coming. Now I’m totally convinced that this whole affair is squeaky clean.

There are still skeptics, however. Sister Toldjah:

Do they really expect us to believe that they’d send a former President to offer a symbolic non-paying board job to Sestak in exchange for him sitting out the PA Dem primary? …

And isn’t it hilarious how this has all played out? Just like the MA Dems and how their game-playing with the Governor’s right to appoint a Senator to replace one in an emergency situation, the national/PA Dem strategy on the Specter seat has so far failed spectacularly – for them and Specter. Specter becomes an official turncoat by flipping sides because he sees the writing on the wall in a potential primary match up against Pat Toomey and thinks he’d be free and clear in a Dem primary and would sail on to victory. The WH pledges him their “full support.” In the middle of all this, Congressman Sestak decides he wants to challenge Specter for that seat. The WH, trying to avoid a potentially nasty primary battle, sends out Bubba to offer an allegedly “non-paying” board position to Sestak. Sestak admits in February that he was offered a position but is mum on what it was and who offered it. The MSM drops the ball on it until after Sestak handily defeated Specter in the primary and now it’s become major news, with both Sestak and the WH resorting to do a statement drop on the Friday before a holiday weekend. No explanation on the lunch Bubba had with Obama yesterday, nor the call made by the WH to Sestak’s brother this week.

This is the “change” Obama promised the American people?

Phineas Fahrquar thinks it stinks, too – but they will get away with it. And of course he’s right. Supporting abortion and socialized medicine is the ultimate Teflon in Washington.

Congressman Darrell Issa (R-CA) has been bulldogging this issue admirably since it first came up, but now he’s crossing the line into Dumb Land by bringing up the “I-word:” impeachment. Darrell, dude. Sit down and relax. Breathe deeply. Calm down. Remember the last time the Republicans went for impeachment? It took years to recover from that self-inflicted embarrassment, even though Bill really was guilty on at least one charge. To go for it again would be to take a shotgun to the party’s one remaining foot. The public is worried about jobs, the economy, crazed jihadis, and oil slicks, and won’t have any patience with us trying to force Obama from office before 2012. We’re trying to prove we’re responsible enough to be trusted with government and not a bunch of frothing putschists, remember? If it gets bad, he’ll just throw Rahm under the bus and that will be the end of it.

Besides, you do recall who’s next in line, don’t you??

He does make a good point.

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