Media cheerleaders keep waving their pom-poms for Porkulus

MSM rally squad is doing back flips for the White House again. Never mind the deficit and unemployment; as Hot Air points out, they are trumpeting “proof” that Obama’s 800 billion stimulus bill really did purchase economic nirvana. Ed Morrissey documented the many reasons why they are wrong.

The news media went agog yesterday in announcing that Barack Obama had finally found some corroboration on numbers of jobs “saved or created” by the Porkulus package last year.  ABC News was a good example of this:

Typical of the leftists who dominate the American press. A five-year-old can tell you the economy is most assuredly not stimulated. We just had a truly creepy report this week that Americans are receiving less compensation from private companies (you know, the ones that actually produce anything) than ever, while government pay-outs are sky-rocketing.

To borrow an analogy from Dick Morris, there are more people in the cart and less people pulling it. Morrissey:

So how do we measure the success of Porkulus?  Right now, we’re still down over 8 million jobs, the economy has slowed considerably after an artificial boost, and growth estimates from the private sector put the rest of the year at an anemic 1.5% pace.  Those are the measures that count, especially to the Americans who have to live with them.  Fewer and fewer people are impressed with the imaginary calculations of a White House that seems to find itself lost in academics rather than working to build actual economic growth.

Meddling government hands in the free-market system will inevitably just screw it up. They always have and they always will.  Leftist politicians and journalists will navigate around the considerable historic proof of this, because these are issues that boil down to basic liberty.

Somebody once said, “You can’t control the economy without controlling people.” Who was it? Do we even remember anymore?

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