More selective censorship by the social engineers at Apple

I just saw this on on Hot Air. It’s an old story, with some minor variations. Apple is censoring an iPhone app because of its opposing view of Islam, but they are hunky-dory with a comparable anti-Christian one.


Not this again. I don’t understand why these guys keep painting themselves into this same corner. Can’t they find some hippy/geek/Birkenstock/bazillionaire therapy group to help them figure out why they keep embarrassing themselves like this?

Don’t ask me. After the Head-of-State cluck-fest at the White House yesterday, I’ve stopped trying to make sense of anything anymore – at least until 2012 if all goes well. So I’m going to suggest that those sanctimonious Apple bigwigs just cut the crap and write the words “LEFIST HYPOCRITE” in really big letters on the back of each other’s Che Guevara T-shirts.

Then everyone could stop wondering how Steve Jobs could climb so high on America’s free-enterprise ladder and then try to pull it up behind him by promoting socialist policies and squelching conservative thought in the U.S.

I get it! It’s right there on his back! He’s a leftist hypocrite!

And it would explain Apple’s decision to boycott an entire network because one of its hosts, Glenn Beck, did… what? Take a guess:

A. He joked about Sarah Palin’s daughter getting raped.  Nope. David Letterman.

B. When Palin protested Letterman disgusting verbal assault, this man called her “sanctimonious, holier than thou, exploitative, undignified, pedantic, childish, self-inflicting, insipid, backwards, embarrassing, over-reactive, overreaching” as well as a “delusional lunatic.” Nope. Keith Olbermann.

C. Called the President of the United States a war criminal. Uh-uh. Rosie O’Donnell

D. Said, “Without total mindless, morally bankrupt, knee-jerk fascist hatred, Michelle Malkin would be just a big mashed up bag of meat with lipstick on it.” No. Olbermann again.

E. Called 84% of Americans racists because they support an Arizona law that allows a cop to request a drivers’ license for traffic infractions. No, President Obama clucked that at the White House hen party yesterday. Except he called it “suspicion” because of what people “look like.”  

F. Called the president of the United States “racist” for assuming a white cop acted “stupidly” in a bi-racial altercation, and is a conservative. Glenn Beck.

G. Called progressivism a “cancer,” and is a conservative. Glenn Beck.

 And Apple was so disgusted, outraged, and appalled that they pulled advertising from the entire Fox News Network that airs Beck’s show. No news about NBC and ABC boycotts, though. 

However, you’ll be grateful to hear that O’Donnell’s, Letterman’s and Olbermann’s comments are not yet available on iTunes.

If Jobs and his upper management would just own up to their hypocrisy (if they can’t find a Sharpie I’ll send them one) it would save a lot of puzzling about why Glenn Beck must be silenced while a Marxist revolutionary murderer – and actual racist – Che Guevara, gets a mouthpiece for anyone who wants to hear him on the iPhone. I pointed that out recently in Newsrealblog:

Anybody half-awake can see that the righteous Che god of the T-shirt is a hoax – and the folks at Apple are only too happy to feed the fantasy.

That’s why Apple boycotts Fox News and promotes Guevara propaganda. Leftists, like Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, prefer to selectively ration revelation to the masses. For example, if Fontova or Fox News’ Glenn Beck freely and effectively publicize Guevara’s murderous deeds and racist rants, college kids might start drawing Hitler mustaches on Guevara instead of George Bush, and hospitals would be over-run with their apoplectic pony-tailed professors.

Who know what could happen next. Teeny-boppers at the mall showing off Tiananmen Square Tank Man tank tops? Peter Fechter posters in college dorms? University sit-ins to protest socialist bias in the classroom? Gratitude? National pride?

That’s why Apple must do its part to keep them ignorant and indoctrinated.

 By the way, America needs to recognize that we are at war with radical Islamic jihadists. But I think that the censored Islam-bashing app sounds disgusting. Like the earlier Mohammad South Park flap with Comedy Central, Apple’s double-standard is the issue, not peaceful Muslims just minding their own business.

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