Elena Kagan: No sympathy for the unborn

Naturally, Elena Kagan believes tearing tiny humans to pieces is a reasonable and constitutionally-sound way of dealing with social problems. President Obama nominated her for the Supreme Court, didn’t he? Enough said.

So, a report by LifeNewsthat Kagan has financially supported pro-abortion activist groups is merely confirmatory. The only smidgen of hope for the court is no change in the status quo. President Obama would have to beat the weeds pretty hard to find someone more liberal than outgoing Justice Stevens. Nevertheless, I would put nothing past the leftiest president this nation has ever seen.

That memo that Kagan wrote, advising Bill Clinton to support a partial-birth abortion ban, gave me a little hope, though. Of course she’s pro-abortion, but perhaps not so cruel as to support such bald savagery.

Sadly, another LifeNews report confirms my naiveté.  The memo was just self-serving political gymnastics, promoting a ruse to phony up voting records so legislators could deceive their constituents and hide their collusion with the Bill Clinton to ensure that this most extreme form of baby butchery remained the law of the land.

The memo is presented by some as showing Kagan urging Clinton to support a late-term abortion ban, sponsored by pro-abortion ex-Sen. Tom Daschle.

But Douglas Johnson, the legislative director of the National Right to Life Committee, asserts that the memo helped lawmakers vote for a fraudulent abortion ban and allow themselves political cover for opposing the override attempt on Clinton’s partial-birth abortion ban veto.

“The Daschle phony ban, which the Reed-Kagan memo endorses, had only one purpose, which was to provide political cover for pro-abortion senators who might otherwise feel compelled to vote to override President Clinton’s veto of the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act,” he tells LifeNews.com. “It was not a real ban, but a completely hollow political construct — all exception, no ban.”

“The Daschle ploy served its political purpose, which was to provide enough of a smokescreen to prevent the Senate from overriding Clinton’s veto,” Johnson continued.

In fact, although the Senate rejected the Daschle substitute 64-36 and then passed the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act, 64-36, the latter vote was two short of the two-thirds majority needed to override Clinton’s vote.

When the actual override vote occurred on Sept. 18, 1998, the tally was the same — 64-36 — with 36 lawmakers able to tell their constituents they voted for an abortion ban (Daschle’s bill) that didn’t ban abortions.

Since it took several more years for Congress to pass an another partial-birth abortion ban that pro-life President George W. Bush could sign, Johnson credits Kagan with helping cause the delay.

As if the healthcare travesty isn’t enough evidence that everyone should scrutinize the voting records of their supposedly “pro-life” representatives. Never mind pro-life votes on legislation that is decided by wide margins. It’s the close votes that will prove their integrity.

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