U.N. Official: Israel’s “siege” in Gaza worse than Auschwitz

Some things are so predictable. Like the sun coming up and the rain coming down (this is Oregon).  Oh, and some U.N. bigwig is lying about Israel.

This time it is Dr. Ali Abdussalam Treki, president of the United Nations General Assembly. He thinks Israel’s “siege” in Gaza is “worse than the camps of the Nazis.”

Oh, I get it. Kind of like our “siege” against the Japanese at Pearl Harbor, or Warsaw’s “siege” against the Wehrmacht.

 “The resistance that exists is undoubtedly legitimate, by any international standard. This is resistance against the occupation of land. The serious resistance in Lebanon forced the Israelis to withdraw. There is great resistance of the Palestinian people, in occupied Palestine, in general, and in Gaza, in particular. This ongoing resistance annoys the Israelis, and it has the right to persist until the Israelis fulfill their obligations, and until the Palestinian people are given the right to determine its destiny and establish its state.”

First, the “siege” began when Israel was forced to defend herself from yet another onslaught of genocidal Arab aggression. The territory was then to be immediately returned, on one small condition: That Israel’s tormentors finally acknowledge that she is a sovereign nation, not a shooting range. They refused. Finally, war-weary Israel returned Gaza and Southern Lebanon anyway and were promptly kicked in the teeth.

Here is Mark Silverberg’s take on Israel’s “siege” in the occupied territories:

Not only has every Israeli concession and every act of goodwill and compassion not changed the way Israel is portrayed – but each concession, each accommodation, each withdrawal first from Lebanon, then from Gaza has only fed the furious hatred that Islam and the international community feels for it. Today even as Israel absorbs missiles fired indiscriminately at its civilian population by terrorists – one continues to hear the howls and hatred voiced about “The Wall” particularly those “innocent” suicide bombers who are being kept from their religious duty of self-detonating amid crowds of Jews.

And Hal Lindsey:

The Palestinians were given a perfect opportunity to prove that they could live side by side in peace with Israel when they were given possession of Gaza and the freedom to govern it. Hundreds of millions of dollars were contributed to them to build an economic infra-structure so that their people would have work.

  • But just look at the historic record of how they used the opportunity:
  • Their leaders used the money for themselves and to smuggle weapons and terrorist fighters into Gaza.
  • They sent suicide bombers in with their workers who had to work in Israel because they were incapable of building their own industries.
  • They bought and smuggled in rockets and missiles with which they continually bombarded the entire civilian Israeli population that are within range.
  • They overwhelmingly elected Hamas, a terrorist regime, to be their government.
  • All Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza refuse to recognize Israel has a right to exist and that it is a Jewish State.

Gaza gives proof of the kind of government the Palestinians in the West Bank will have. There is absolutely no evidence that giving them more land and sovereignty would change their behavior. On the contrary, that kind of demonstration of appeasement and weakness will only encourage the officially elected Hamas government to seek to finish the destruction of Israel.

 Ho hum. Just another week at the United Nations. A sanctimonious Libyan passes judgment on a free democracy, and Iran is weighing in on the rights of women. Next week Khalid Sheikh Mohammad will chair a commission on defeating terrorism.

Nah. Just kidding.

I think they’re running an office pool to see how outrageous they can get before the Obama administration does anything.

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