Happy Birthday Israel… and many more

Thanks to Big Government

It boggles the mind that after many centuries, this fragmented people could once again coalesce in a neglected malarial swamp — their refuge from dhimmitude, pograms, and attempted genocide — and make it flow, once again, with milk and honey.

By the way, they didn’t steal land from anyone. The old landlord, the Ottoman Turks, had died. The U.N. divided the land between the Arabs and the Jews.  The Arabs got a vast, verdant, generous portion; and the Jews got a swampy little sliver. But they rolled up their sleeves, and it became soon became green with abundant harvests

The Arabs, however, weren’t happy with their share. They wanted it all. They started butchering Jews the day that document was signed, and they haven’t stopped. Does anyone ever wonder why the Palestinians left Israel for those squalid refugee camps decades ago, where they still sit and ruminate and seethe with hatred toward Israel? What were they seeking refuge from? The crossfire in the Arab’s continual campaign to drive the Jews out and steal their land.

The lies about Israel are legion. It is an outrage of historical proportions.

Anyway, Happy Birthday Israel. Some of us in the U.S. wish you the best.

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