Will the spoiled brats at UC Berkeley EVER shut up?

Real freedom fighters. This is not you.

Kids like to fantasize about being heroes, bravely vanquishing fantasy villains. And that’s fine. It just gets obnoxious when they become college age and start really believing it.

It’s become an epidemic at UC Berkeley. A perfectly normal, freshly-scrubbed 18-year-old sets foot on that campus, and presto, he’s the next Hans Scholl or Tiananmen Square Tank man. Soon the sanctimonious scolds begin, and next thing you know he’s starting fires, throwing excrement out of trees (an episode that proves that you don’t have to be a student to be affected with this malady) and starving himself to protest meanie America.

Here’s the latest episode, from Michelle Malkin:

The administration continues to capitulate to the thugs. So, the thugs keep throwing their tantrums. Their latest campaign? A hunger strike to put pressure on UC Berkeley over Arizona’s immigration law — and to demand that officials publicly declare the campus a sanctuary for illegal alien students and employees.

What do they think, anyway? That we’re kidnapping these people from their idyllic homes south of the border and bringing here by force? If illegal aliens need “sanctuary” from American misery, they can always go home.

But then those idiots at Berkeley wouldn’t be able to show the world how saintly they are.

What causes these delusions of grandeur? Indoctrination from all their Marxist professors?

Nah. It’s gotta be something in the water.

I know one thing; history has seen many young freedom-fighters. True martyrs in Beijing, Prague, Munich, East Berlin – all over the world. My 21-year-old uncle who was killed in the Philipines during World War II. Each one would have slapped these spoiled brats silly for not kneeling down and kissing their precious, free American homeland every day. KB99Z59BHUR8

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