Maybe the Tea Party Racist is hiding out with Sasquatch and Nessie

They have tried everything short of a microscope and fine-toothed comb, but liberals still haven’t located the elusive Tea Party Racist. That doesn’t stop them, however, from insisting that Tea Party supporters really don’t care about increasingly-corpulent, wealth-confiscating, rubber-necking federal government. They just oppose President Obama because he’s black.

Charles Blow with the New York Times is one of the most prominent purveyors of the Tea Party smears. Harold Portnoy exposed the latest attempt in the Green Room at Hot Air:

His evidence is an article accompanying a Washington Post/ABC News poll released on Wednesday, which states “About 61 percent of tea party opponents say racism has a lot to do with the movement, a view held by just 7 percent of tea party supporters.”

That’s one of the funniest pieces of polling data I have seen in years, albeit unintentionally so. Read it again. Roll it around on your tongue; savor it for a moment. Blow’s “proof” that the Tea Party movement is racist is that large number of opponents to the Tea Party think they are racist. Funny how that works only in one direction. The vast majority of conservatives and independents think Barack Obama is doing a lousy job, but Blow would never concede that their view is correct.

Blow is not finished. “This gulf of perception,” he continues in high-blown fashion, “has left Tea Party organizers struggling to scrub the stain of racism from its image, but those efforts may fly in the face of the facts.”

So what are “the facts”? Ever one to probe and dig for the truth, Blow imports more hard, cold data, this time citing an appearance last Thursday on the “The View” (“The View”!) by Amy Kremer, the director of the Tea Party Express. “Prompted to disavow supporters who might be motivated by racism,” Blow tells us, “she looked into the camera and said: ‘This is not a racist movement. We don’t want you here. Go away if that’s what you’re about. We’re about the fiscal issues and about being American.’”

Blow’s reaction? “There’s no reason to doubt her sincerity, but there seems to be a gap between things as they are and things as she would have them.”

A gap between things as they are and things as one would have them seems to be something Charles Blow knows all about.

You would think that Blow is the Left’s answer to Joseph McCarthy, seeing racists behind every rock and tree – but I suspect that is a front, and his actual crusade is to neutralize tea partiers through character assassination before their message can awaken the sleeping masses. Particularly blacks, who may discover how dysfunctional their marriage with the Democrat Party really is, change the locks, and throw all the leftist wound-pickers, heritage-strippers, and esteem-poison out on the front lawn with the bongs, Birkenstocks, and tweed jackets.

Seriously, one has to wonder how long the left can hide their pervasive bigotry of designating an ethnic group unqualified for the American dream and therefore dependent on the handouts of others – not to mention the haughty tendentiousness of scanning faces in crowds and judging every thought, statement, and motive according to the collective melanin level represented.

But, to his advantage, Blow has a lot of company in his quest to keep the Tea Party silenced and black America resentful, angry, and dependent. In fact his charge that “large swaths among those who show strong support for the Tea Party also hold the most extreme views on a range of racial issues,” is based on a study with blatant objectivity problems, illustrated by this introductory statement (emphasis mine):

“Many believed that the election of Barack Obama brought to a close the long, painful, and ugly history of race and racism in the United States. But as the incident with Henry Louis Gates last summer, and the more recent outbursts of the Tea Party activists suggest, racial divisions remain.”

No surprise, then, that many of the study’s questions were clearly crafted to tie the Tea Party movement up in a neat racist bow. One example is the prominently-featured finding that most Tea Party supporters feel that blacks would do better if they worked harder.

What a shock that independent, self-reliant Tea Party supporters believe anyone could do better in our system if they worked harder. Ditto for their kids, themselves, or their great-grandmother for Pete’s sake. This is not rocket science. We’re talking about Americans here.

Of course they twisted this finding and touted it as racism, reminding me of Thomas Sowell’s observation that he could be labeled racist because he would never skydive with a black person; when the truth is that Sowell would never sky-dive with anybody, “whether black, white, Asian or whatever.”

The study did reveal some negative findings among Tea Party supporters regarding the character, work ethic, and intelligence of blacks – but by scant amounts, barely outside of the margin of error.

But what does that truly reveal, in light of rampant Tea Party infiltrations, bogus spitting charges at the Capitol, and the desperate search for the Tea Party Racist? Perhaps just a spot-on statistical analysis of how many liberals would lie to a pollster to smear a political opponent.

Why not? Blow and others have already proven that if they can’t find the Tea Party Racist, they will simply create one.

More at Big Journalism.

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