Trey Parker and Matt Stone: Courageous Warriors for the Cause of Religious Invective and Poop Humor

I know this calls for the obligatory South Park frame or a photo of its creators, but I'd rather look at this.

Are we so desperate for inspiration in this country that we have to anoint South Park creators, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, the new Sons of Liberty? What next, a Fourth of July parade in their honor?  

In case you’ve been climbing Mount Everest or something, Stone and Parker – who have made millions on the fact that they never developed emotionally beyond the age of 14 – are being glorified in the media and blogosphere because of a cartoon of the prophet Muhammad in a bear suit.  

Not quite the same as honoring Jesus’ death and resurrection by having him defecate on George Bush and the American flag, but Parker and Stone’s mild ridicule of Muhammad has seemingly elevated them to the level of Joan of Ark. Everyone is rallying around our newest patriots. Even over at Hot Air, they are promoting more Mohammed ridicule to demonstrate solidarity with Parker and Stone and their crappy show.  

Let’s get something straight. Mohammed doesn’t bug Parker and Stone. Faith does. Jesus really does. I don’t know what He ever did to them, but Jesus really really bugs them. And they can vent their hatred with a vengeance because, as everyone knows, it’s always open season on Christians. And why shouldn’t they? They are handsomely rewarded for it – even by many Christians who take refuge in Jesus’ admonition: “I died a horrible tortuous death for you, but you don’t have to be loyal to me if my attackers are funny and make you laugh.”  (If anyone knows the chapter and verse for that, could you email it to me?  I haven’t been able to find it.)  

Anyway, whenever Parker and Stone’s obsessive man-crush on Jesus gets embarrassing, they bravely throw in a little Buddha-ridicule for cover. But not Muhammad. Too scary. At least until last week when they dressed him up in a bear suit and were instantly threatened with decapitation from a guy who looks like Achmed the Dead Terrorist.  

 They probably knew that the executives at Comedy Central would run away like little girls, leaving them –  in today’s bizarro world – looking like Samuel Adams and Paul Revere.  

Whether it’s Jesus, Buddha, or Muhammad, it’s not noble or courageous to dump satirical sewage all over a figure honored and revered by millions. I’m not disgusted that they are allowed to do it. I’m disgusted that they have an audience.   

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