Katty Kay Touts Discredited Study to Promote Government-Run Healthcare


  My apologies to Mark Twain, but God save us from liars, damn liars, and patronizing European journalists, like “BBC World News” Washington Correspondent, Katty Kay.

Yesterday on “Meet the Press,” Kay implied that our current system denies Americans “access to a doctor if they don’t have insurance,” and also cited an oft-discredited study in an attempt to lure Americans into a health-care tar-pit such as her compatriots endure.

Come on in the water’s fine, was Kay’s implied message to you and me. For proof, she then trotted out the tired old World Health Organization (WHO) study that ranked America’s Healthcare system 37th in the world – the same study that the Wall Street Journal pointed out was riddled “nonsense ranking” and “so many made-up numbers,” according to Philip Musgrove, the editor-in-chief of the WHO report that accompanied it. 


 That ranking has been discredited so thoroughly I’m surprised it hasn’t been pronounced “settled science” by the likes of Kay and those who brandish it frequently in their quest to transfer a big chunk of the U.S. economy into the safekeeping of federal bureaucrats. At this point, however, they just cross their fingers and hope that no one will point out that it is a bunch of hooey.


But then accuracy is obviously not a priority for someone who touts a 10-year-old study like this: “At the moment America has globally the 37th highest quality of care in the world.  That puts it just above Cuba and just below Costa Rica,” Kay told David Gregory.


She didn’t explain why prominent Canadian politician, Danny Williams, chose to have life-saving surgery in the U.S. – not Costa Rica – after ditching Canada’s own government healthcare for greener pastures.


 Maybe he looked at some meaningful and accurate statistics such as these – but don’t expect Kay to point them out.




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