Global warming alarmism stifles debate

This week we witnessed an inspiring testament to the human spirit as intrepid Easterners dug themselves out of their snow-covered houses and driveways in a courageous quest to go on TV and squabble about Global Warming. 

 As I sat in front of the tube and observed all that fortitude and perseverance spewing about, I was somehow reminded of the Pilgrims and Galileo. After all, the Pilgrims’ first winter in the New World was no picnic either. Some might even call it a testament to the lengths some people will go just to be left alone.

Because the Pilgrims valued personal liberty enough to choose frostbite and starvation over intrusive government and suffocating state religion.

Illustrative of the Old World culture that the Pilgrims fled, it was around that time that Galileo was pronounced “vehemently guilty of heresy” by Pope Urban VIII for suggesting that the earth revolved around the sun. He was forthwith imprisoned and commanded to “abjure, curse, and detest” those beliefs.

It wasn’t the weather that caused me to reflect on all this history. It was the cacophony of outraged protests that erupted when some suggested that being buried in snow and ice might mean the earth does not “have a fever” after all.

Here are some examples of the substantive and thoughtful discussion that ensued: “Anti-science!” Inappropriate!” “Unpatriotic!” “Denier!” “Heretic!” (The last one was implied.)

In light of that spectacle, I gotta ask, what next? “Abjure, curse, and detest?” 

There is a religious fervor surrounding the climate change issue, despite its scholarly facade. Any question about that was settled the day that Barack Obama promised to “harness the sun and the winds and the soil to fuel our cars and run our factories.” The declaration that his inauguration would herald “the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal,” was merely confirmatory.

If I recall correctly, President Obama also promised to “return science to its rightful place,” which makes wonder exactly where that is. A place where discussion, dissent, and skepticism are silenced and hysterical alarmism rules the day?

Because all I’m hearing is, the seas are rising! The glaciers are melting! The polar bears are dying!

And if you question, you instantly become a member of the “anti-science brigades,” according to Jeff Masters, or “inappropriate” and “unpatriotic,” according to Bill Nye the Science Guy.

Does that kind of language encourage the free flow of ideas? I think not. These guys may be scientists, but on this subject they’re looking a lot more like Pope Urban VIII than Galileo.

We can’t ask why Global Warming Alarmists now admit that they manipulated scientific information, stifled the publications of skeptics, and destroyed data that did not back up their assertions.

We can’t ask why the Global Warming Alarmists deliberately instigated fear and panic with false predictions of imminent crop failures, disappearing glaciers, and drought in Africa and Asia.

And we can’t ask why Global Warming Alarmists rigged the data that shows a recent warming trend –by leaving out temperature readings from Siberia, among other things.

We can’t ask. Because we will be told that the “science is settled” and “the debate is over.” Then we will be compared with Holocause deniers.

And so we must be quiet and take our medicine in the form of crippling taxes, higher prices, less freedom, and not object as our elected representatives jettison big chunks of our national autonomy into the care of global regulators.

In other words, we must further tear at the sacred trust that has been carefully guarded with blood, sweat, and tears by every American generation since that first horrible winter at Plymouth Colony. Because if we don’t we’re all gonna barbecue.

If I had the good fortune to be allowed just one question, I would ask the Global Warming Alarmists this: “Don’t you care? Don’t you grieve the terrible costs of what you are proposing? Because this is not 1620, and we are not the Pilgrims.

There is no place left where one can go to be left alone.

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