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Jon Stewart – License to Lie

  How does Jon Stewart  get away with it?  Night after night he fictionalizes the actions and statements of conservatives, building goofy, moronic straw men which he then tears to pieces in a hyperkinetic frenzy of invective and ridicule.   For example last night, during a recap of yesterday’s Healthcare Summit, Stewart said Rep Eric Cantor […]

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Biden’s Reality

    Apparently, now that Iraq is an island of relative sanity within a region seething with murderous hatred for America, Vice President Joe Biden has pronounced it one of the Obama administration’s “greatest achievements.”     Interesting that he should say that, since President Obama wasn’t in office during the darkest and most desperate months […]

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Global warming alarmism stifles debate

  This week we witnessed an inspiring testament to the human spirit as intrepid Easterners dug themselves out of their snow-covered houses and driveways in a courageous quest to go on TV and squabble about Global Warming.   As I sat in front of the tube and observed all that fortitude and perseverance spewing about, I […]

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Snapping at Palin

  Liberals divide people into two groups.  Those they think are smart and those they think are dumb as a doorknob.      Group 1 is a small, exclusive club, of which Sarah Palin is the latest member.  Group 2 is the rest of us.   Here is where it gets tricky. If you are in Group […]

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