McCain’s motives

I’m worried about, Chloe, our little dog. Right now she is under the table, sleeping on my feet. Fifteen minutes ago she was gazing up at me with an expression of rapt adoration. Soon she will awaken and have a drink of water and then check to make sure the front yard is still there.


She is doing what she has done every day for the seven years that we have owned her. I’m worried about her erratic behavior. 


My husband left for work an hour ago wearing his scrubs, ID badge, a CD in hand for the drive as well as a briefcase of paraphernalia for a night of sewing up lacerations and treating children with ear infections and adults with bellyaches. On the way he called to tell me about something he heard on the radio.


He does the same thing every workday. Today, though, I’m wondering if he has selfish motives.


This morning our daughter-in-law stopped by with our grandsons. She is always dropping in, calling, and touching base. I often call her the sunshine of my life. Today, however, I’m wondering if her visit was a cheap stunt.


I’m a seeing things a little differently today, after watching a few hours of cable news pundits announcing that the United States is facing a crisis as dire as the September 11th terrorist attacks, Pearl Harbor, and the stock market crash of 1929. 


Because as Washington D.C. was staring down the abyss yesterday, one familiar face was missing. Senator John McCain — a man who became infused with a compulsion to serve his country in a filthy communist prison cell 40 years ago and who has been at the front lines of every struggle since.

When America is in trouble, McCain puts everything else aside. He always has. So he flew back to Washington yesterday and was promptly accused of erratic behavior, selfish motives, and staging a cheap political stunt.


If that is true, then Chloe, still asleep on my feet, is behaving erratically. And my husband’s long hard nights at the ER are motivated by selfishness. And our daughter-in-law’s cheerful, loving presence in our lives is only a sham, hiding a nefarious agenda that only she knows about. 


Because if McCain returning to Washington D.C. during an American crisis of historical proportions, is nothing but a cheap political stunt, then everything is suspect.


Including the sun itself when it rises in the East.  

(This piece was originally posted on the Oregonian web site)

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