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McCain’s motives

I’m worried about, Chloe, our little dog. Right now she is under the table, sleeping on my feet. Fifteen minutes ago she was gazing up at me with an expression of rapt adoration. Soon she will awaken and have a drink of water and then check to make sure the front yard is still there. […]

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Mission improbable

These are trying times. Wall Street sunk like an elevator yesterday as the interminable convulsions of the current banking/housing correction grind along.   We’re pretty sure Osama Bin Laden isn’t dead yet – which means he’s still cowering in that cave, waiting for his hellfire missile and wishing he’d never messed with George W Bush. […]

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Bill Clinton: Backseat driver

   Last week the Democrats got together for a convention, the theme of which was something like “George Bush Bites Heads Off Bunnies.”  Not surprisingly, former-president Bill Clinton was there, once again loudly trumpeting his successor’s many flaws.     It’s sad, s uch animosity. Clinton and Bush are the same age. In another world they could […]

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