Maybe he should try Ebay

Steven Ybarra, California lawyer and Democratic National Committee member, doesn’t care who gets his super-delegate vote, Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama.


Forget the usual fuss over issues and experience. What Ybarra wants for his vote is some campaign treasury cash – $20,000,000 to be exact – which he will use to convince Hispanics that voting Democrat is the way to get public treasury cash.


You heard it right. It’s an ingenious multi-level marketing scheme – but instead of car wax and laundry soap, Yberra wants to buy and sell votes like an Amway representative on Adderall.


For some reason Ybarra thinks that our hard-working and resourceful Latino community is an easy mark for the trademark Democrat victim-voter box and is itching to spoon-feed them petulance and entitlement until they are willing to vote for big-government liberals. 


It must be because many of them are recent immigrants. Everyone knows immigrants tend to be unspirited sorts – indolent and inclined to sit around and complain when their needs are not met by others.


Yeah, right.


People come to America because they yearn for the chance to control their own destiny without the strait-jacket of a suffocating nanny state.


My great-grandfather and his brother left their town in Germany and hired a smuggler to hide them on an American-bound ship in the 1880s.  Life wasn’t easy, but my mother has memories of the Oregon City farm that he eventually owned and the farmhouse he built that she lives in to this day.


They carried water from the spring, sewed, gardened, and canned. When they butchered hogs, Mom remembers, nearly no part was wasted – memories of which made her the semi-vegetarian that she has been all her life.


I never met my great-grandpa, but I remember his self-educated and successful son well. My grandfather, Richard Polehn, was a brilliant, independent man with an ornery streak, prone to declare what sounded like a “reinemach-divel” upon a messy house and chuck all offending clutter out the window. Then, if Grandma fussed, he would suggest that she “go sit on Mount Hood.”


There would have been another “reinemach-divel” if Ybarra had shown up at Grandpa’s door, trying to win the German-American vote by creating a bloc of divided, resentful, hyphenated citizens.


Yet that’s what Ybarra dreams of for our Latino brothers and sisters. I hope they tell him to go sit on Mount Hood.

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