U.N. Part of Hillary’s national defense plan

Remember when the Democrat majority leaders in the U.S. House appointed Rep. Sylvestre Reyes – who didn’t know the meaning of the words “Sunni,” “Shiite,” and “Hezbollah” – chairman of the Intelligence Committee?


Well, they’re starting to look like personnel management geniuses compared to Senator Hillary Clinton, who announced last Monday that if elected president she would turn Iraq over to the United Nations – an organization that doesn’t know the meaning of the word “terrorist.”


Yes, the same U.N. that let representatives of Saddam Hussein chair a conference on disarmament and packed the Human Rights Commission with regimes that make Uncle Joe Stalin look like Mr. Rogers.


It’s even rumored that there is a U.N. commission on vegetarianism run completely by great white sharks.


I don’t know if Hillary’s still believes that there really is a War on Terror (that is so 2001), but nevertheless, freedom-hating al-Qaida fighters are still dug in like iron ore all over the world, quietly sharpening their knives, and the richest veins to be mined are in Iraq.


That’s because a pro-Western democracy in Iraq would be a crippling blow for terrorists of all stripes, a significant victory for the infidels, and they can’t let that happen.


With the U.S. out and the U.N. in, the struggle in Iraq could become a Xerox of the Second Lebanon War in 2006, when the Hezbollah terrorists showed their awe of the U.N. by flying their flag next to the Interim Forces installed to enforce Security Council Resolution 1559 – that fearsome bundle of bureaucratic aggression that was supposed to rout them from Lebanon – and kidnapped Israeli soldiers right under their noses.


I hear Hezbollah found the backside of Resolution 1559 handy for games of Tic-Tac-Toe and Hangman during long afternoons of lobbing rockets over the Lebanon-Israel border.


Al-Qaida must be praying to Allah that Hillary will be elected so they can get such a break in Iraq.


I can just see it now… a blue-helmet contingent is enjoying a quiet afternoon near a Shiite neighborhood in Baghdad, when a beat-up Mazda pickup that has “Try Koobideh Kebabs in beautiful downtown Tehran” written on its door, pulls up and parks next to them.


As one al-Qaida insurgent writes, “Greetings from your Sunni neighbors,” on the Katyusha rocket that is mounted on the truck’s bed, two UN soldiers approach, waving a sheaf of papers and shouting, “You are prohibited by authority of Security Council Resolution 15067896! Stop! Stop…”


Guess what happens next.

(This post was originally published on The Oregonian web site)

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