Who really hates earmarks, and who’s just pretending?

In a shining example of bipartisan unity, the earmark moratorium failed today in the U.S. Senate. I’m sure the ghost of Thomas Jefferson had something to do with it.

Yes, earmarks, as in: “My fellow Americans, Listen up. If you really want us to appropriate funds for education, you’re going to buy a Woodstock Hippie Museum in New York. No Hippie Museum? No schools. Got it? Signed, Your Humble Public Servant.” 

All three Senators who happen to be running for president supported the moratorium. Pop quiz:  Which candidate is motivated by sincere principle and not blatant election-year ambition?

Is it John McCain, who has requested zero earmarks? Or Barack Obama, who has racked up dozens during the few hours he has ever actually been in Washington DC. Or could it be Hillary Clinton who had perhaps the most dramatic election-year conversion when she repented from the hundreds of earmarks that she has proposed by supporting the moratorium.

Incidentally, as if this writing, HIllary hasn’t actually released earmark records. No surprise there. Records in general are a challenge for Hillary. They’re either nowhere to be found, or they turn up in the strangest places, like peoples socks.

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