Obama’s view from the left

Some Americans don’t like their country. It is their right to feel that way. But if that person wants to be president, the electorate should know.

That’s why Michelle Obama’s comment that her husband’s political success marked the "first time" she was proud of America stopped me dead in my tracks.

It was then that I truly began to wonder about Barack Obama and where his allegiance lies.

Soon disjointed anecdotes began to coalesce in my memory, forming a picture rather unbecoming for an American presidential candidate.

There was the flag lapel pin flap and the National Anthem. Che Guevara’s prominent mug at the Houston headquarters. The endorsements from Marxists like Daniel Ortega. The close ties to Reverend Jeremiah Wright, a Louis Farrakhan devotee who preaches black separatism.

We know about Obama’s socialist activities as a teenager and the oft-mentioned influence of his mentor, Communist Party USA member, Frank Marshall Davis. There’s also his left-of-Kennedy voting record in the United States Senate, and now the strange specter looming of a first lady who has no regard for our nation.

It’s a bizarre but all-too-common paradox of our modern culture that many who feast voraciously on America’s blessings offer no pride, no honor, and no gratitude in return – even while teeming millions of world’s oppressed humanity throughout the decades have enthusiastically praised America’s virtue.

Like the desperate voices that briefly pierced the outside world from Radio Budapest, Tiananmen Square, and other places just before they were abruptly silenced by tanks and rifles.

Or those who clung to leaking boats, fleeing Vietnam’s re-education camps, Cambodia’s killing fields, and Castro’s political prisons with the irrepressible human spirit that always strains toward the world’s foremost beacon of freedom – America.

Or those in damp Soviet prison cells, who whispered through toilets and tapped on walls the good news that an American president knew of their suffering and had boldly pronounced their captors "evil."

Every American should have fresh memories of the tumultuous 20th century, which was marked by unprecedented enslavement, murder, starvation, and war carried out in the name of Karl Marx.

Which makes it difficult to understand those who wallow every day in the blessings of a country that repudiated Marxism, and then callously step over the oppressed in order to sup with their tormenters and denigrate America.

They gleefully flaunt the face of Marxist murderer Che Guevara, carry chic accessories with Mao Zedong’s likeness, and bash freedom-fighting America at every opportunity.

They condemn those who thwarted Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s murderous plots with a few buckets of water, yet extol the likes of Guevara, a man who conducted actual and mock executions by the hundreds.

So we have to know: Who do you agree with, Senator Obama?

Is it Ronald Reagan’s view that America is a shining city on a hill "…still a beacon, still a magnet for all who must have freedom, for all the pilgrims from all the lost places who are hurtling through the darkness toward home."

Or is it Janeane Garofalo who said our country was "founded on a sham," and that the American flag insults her. Or Gwyneth Paltrow who worried about exposing her child to the post 9/11 surge of patriotism, which she found "weird." Or Danny Glover who feels that America is "one of the main purveyors of violence in this world."

Fess up Senator Obama. And quick. America needs to know the truth.

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