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Give George a Break

I alternately pray and then stare at the television’s repeating images of airplanes turning into fireballs and buildings collapsing. All commercial flights are grounded. The economy is in shambles – the stock market closed indefinitely. And nobody knows when and where more murder will plunge out of the quiet blue sky. Suppose I had been […]

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Martin Luther King’s Birthday

A couple days ago the nation commemorated Martin Luther King’s birthday, a day festooned with black and white images of drinking fountains, segregated restrooms, police dogs, and fire hoses. And of course all those dignified and devout people who on a good day endured only rudeness, snobbery, and condescension from their fellow Americans, and whose […]

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Teasing the Tiger

We’ve already heard about the activities of three bored young men last Christmas at San Francisco zoo. But now we know that boredom wasn’t the only ingredient in that recipe for disaster.  Now we are told that this calamitous stew combined those three youths, boredom and alcohol and marijuana. Thus, unsuspecting San Francisco had a […]

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Clinton’s Tantrums

Speaking of taunting animals, what’s going on with Bill Clinton?   I can’t turn on the television today without seeing those squinty-eyes, his nose reddening as he shoves it in some poor reporter’s face; the sarcastically curled lip as he dumps all of that trademark righteous outrage onto this latest perceived enemy.   Now, I […]

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