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Dear Illegal Mexican Immigrant,

Let me say right up front that I understand. I’ve seen poverty, and I don’t mean fake American-style poverty. You know, the tragedy and degradation of having to borrow a stockpot, buy some beans and hamburger, and find a recipe book. I’ve seen the kind of poverty that drove you to leave everything you know […]

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Michael Moore: Savior of daytime TV?

Watch out! The world’s first oppositional-defiant adolescent with gray stubble is at it again, and I’m starting to feel just a teensy bit peevish about the whole thing. This time, camera in hand, filmmaker Michael Moore herded some ailing 9/11 heroes to Cuba for the high-minded, humanitarian purpose of denigrating America’s healthcare system — which, […]

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My feet are going numb again. I double my blanket, so it is now barely large enough to cover my curled-up body. My coughing must have awakened Peter, lying on the upper bunk, because he begins to taunt me, singing in a high, quavering voice, “Oh, say can you see, by the dawn’s early light, […]

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